Leash Training- Choosing A Good Dog Training Collar

What Type of Dog Training Collar and Leash is Best For You?

Choosing a good dog training collar and lead is a critically important aspect in the effective training of dogs.  Good training dog collars are well worth the money in developing a quality relationship with your dog. With a little training and patience many owners can get good results without having to hire an expensive professional dog trainer.  Although a quality electronic dog training collar is more expensive than most of the cheap dog training collars, these do-it-yourself alternatives are still much cheaper than hiring a professional dog trainer.     


Is Leash Training Really Needed?

Using dog training professionals can be expensive, so many owners opt to be do-it- yourselfers.  Inevitably, decisions must be made between purchasing high- quality cheap dog training collars or investing in a higher quality dog training collar and lead.  Or, if the budget allows, deciding on a more expensive electronic dog training collar.  But the bottom line is, good training dog collars are tremendously needed tools in getting good leash training results.  A good quality dog training collar and leash are made to establish control over your dog while you begin a leash training plan. 

A dog is a pack animal and actually seeks leadership from you.  Therefore, positive control of your animal is actually desired and expected by your pet. He or she will enjoy the process of pleasing you. A good quality dog training collar and lead is an important part of an overall effective training plan that you will use to be the leader of the pack.  Most dogs prior to any training are very undisciplined and easily distracted. Training dog collars are the ideal tool to interrupt their pattern and unwanted behaviors and train them to think before doing.   When they start to think before doing they will establish the new thinking habits and behaviors that you are looking for.  

Dog Training Collar and Lead Alternatives

There are a great many alternatives available nowadays for a good quality dog training collar and lead.  There have been may advancements in the technology of training dog collars and you will have a large assortment of options to choose from. Now, with that said, you must be cautious to not fall into a paralysis of analysis with so many types and brands of training dog collars that are available.  Although there are many differences in a dog training collar and lead as to levels of functionality, affordability and effectiveness, there are only a few major considerations to think about that should effect your selection process.


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Cheap Dog Training Collars

The first criteria to look at, and the most important, is to make sure that you get the right size collar and that it fits your dog properly.  You want a proper fit so that it is comfortable to your pet. This is not something to take lightly or to guess at and make a mistake. It is important to measure your pet’s neck with a tape measure or something comparable that you can use as a guide.  It would be smart to allow a couple of inches or so to compensate for any variances in size in the collar itself.  In many cases, but not all, it would be better for training dog collars to be a little too loose than too tight.  

The next criteria is to consider is your budget.  There may be sizable differences between the selections you evaluate and your budget may dictate the brands and types of dog training collar and lead you choose. Actually, many owners will find that cheap dog training collars are an excellent choice and work effectively well.  With a little diligence and smarts, it’s not difficult to find a discount dog training collar and leash that will produce excellent results. 

Electronic Dog Training Collar

For some owners a higher price will not be an issue and a more expensive dog training collar and lead will be of interest.  The most expensive type is the electronic dog training collar.  It is more expensive since it actually runs a harmless static electric current through the collar. Although more expensive, it is very effective. 

It is true that some of the cheap dog training training collars may take longer to get positive results than some of the more expensive types.  But all types can produce good results.   If getting the fastest results possible is important to you, than investing more money may be appropriate.  

The Electronic Dog Training Collar Debate

Another consideration to make a decision on is on the topic of function type. Some dog training experts do not approve of the electronic dog training collar and lead.  The debate is whether this type just makes the dog uncomfortable enough to get their attention or is more an infliction of pain that is inhumane. 

If you decide that going the electronic dog training collar route is too aggressive, you should try other types of training dog collars.  A pronged collar type may be a better alternative for your situation than using an electronic dog training collar.  With so many alternatives available for a good dog training collar and lead, it is important to keep the decision-making process as simple as possible. Once a good dog training collar and leash has been purchased, and you learn to use it properly, you will undoubtedly be very pleased with your leash training results.



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